Behind the lens

Hi, I'm Kim! I've got the perfect job.

Weddings are a handful - and I absolutely love it.

My day starts with your hair and make up appointment early

in the morning and ends in the middle of the night.

Inbetween is where the magic happens.

I will be with you through all those emotions. I am not only your photographer - I am emotional support, organizational assistance and anti stress squad.

It is my ambition to create spectacular results for you

while I want to be proud of my work myself. 

From packing my bag until editing the last images

I am my own hardest critic and I have very high expectations.


My style is observatory: I will not boss you or you guests around

but adapt to the dynamics and capture precious moments.


I will never hesitate to make any kind of  effort that contributes to

a beautiful picture, be it climbing a tree or wading through mud.


This job is an absolute privilege to me, I execute it with passion

and a big batch of fun. At its best, you let me pass it on to you.

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Behind the screens

Hi, I'm Amy! 

I am a graphic designer by profession with a degree in Information Design from the University of Pretoria. I make use of my skills as a designer to create conceptually rich photography.

Whenever the work load peaks, for example with 6 weddings in August,

I am there to help with post production.

Kim and I have been friends for many years and we work off of each other's strengths to form a fun and imaginative team! When we meet up, our projects include portraiture, light paintings, underwater work and so much more. 

I love to continuously play and brainstorm in order to produce beautiful and interesting works of art.

Although I am not usually part of all the shoots, I work with her in post-production to create beautifully crafted finished work.