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  • Can we get to know you noncommittally?
    Of course, I insist. It is also in my own interest to get to know you. I am not the perfect photographer for every couple, but also not every couple and their wedding is desirable for me. Tell me about your vision! Maybe it’s a match. <3
  • How do we choose the right wedding photographer?
    Think about those four questions: I. Does the photographer’s skillset & experience match our expectations? Knowing your equipment and technique is an absolute must, but it’s not everything. Some photographers have well-designed websites and a trendy Instagram account – BUT! Were these photos taken at real weddings? Or do they participate in workshops and styled shoots, where everything is staged with models, stylists, and loads of time and the perfect light? A pretty portfolio may not reflect real wedding experience, which is about painting the essence of a day, capturing emotions, telling stories. Make sure you compare real weddings and don’t fall into the portfolio trap. If you’re not sure, here’s a hint: The presence of many guests of different age groups is a pretty sure give-away that this was a real wedding day. II. Is it within their abilities to document our wedding in our desired style? Is the photographer able to capture the distinct vibe you’re going for or does everything somehow look the same in their portfolio? Is it within their ability to adapt to their clients’ preferences and styles? If you have a specific style in mind, talk to the photographers you’re considering and see if they have the ability to capture what you’re going for. The clearer your vision and the better that you can communicate that, the better they can fulfil your aesthetic wishes. Some examples to describe to your photographer what you might be looking for: cinematic // romantic // chic // editorial // moody // elegant // airy III. What kind of customer experience and services can we expect? Do they provide the extras we want? Is the photographer willing to go the extra mile to accommodate YOUR wishes or are they set in their own routine? This depends mainly on your photographer’s motivation. Worst case scenario: They’re in it for the money so they won’t do an inch more than the bare minimum, they are easily frustrated, and they don’t enjoy their time with you. On the flip side, the photographer you pick should be passionate about their work and genuinely love to tell love stories. They should be someone who is critical of their own work, with an intrinsic drive to create amazing photos for their clients. You want someone who really wants to blow you away with their photography of your wedding. Talk to your candidates and get a feeling. Read about their philosophy and their client testimonials. IV. Does their personality mesh with ours? The photographer you choose will be with you the whole day – and it’s not any day, but one that can go two ways depending upon who you are surrounded by. You don’t want a photographer who is a nuisance to you or your guests, or someone who makes you more anxious than you might already be. You don’t want someone demotivating. You want a photographer who is experienced, excited without being nervous, who loves their work and makes you feel good.
  • What distinguishes you from other photographers?
    In a nutshell, drive, personality, and skills are what make me different. 1. Drive. I’m driven by my intrinsic urge to create something aesthetic, something beautiful. To many photographers, weddings are troublesome, while I absolutely love them. They let me tell stories, paint images of love, and dive into this amazing event and these people’s lives for a day. I want to produce a holistic and authentic wedding documentary so I will be there for every moment of it. Editing the photos and designing and printing your album completes my creative process and allows me to physically hold a result that I myself have created from start to finish. My work makes people happy and provides them with beautiful memories for the rest of their lives. My profession is an absolute privilege to me and my motivation is at the max. 2. Personality. Your wedding photographer will be with you this whole nerve-wracking time. You need them to be someone you feel comfortable around. If the chemistry doesn’t work, it can ruin your day. To figure out if we click, we should at least have a call before the booking. I’m happy to say that all my former couples call me a personal enrichment, and not just for their wedding photos. Additionally, I’m a young woman who can easily blend into the bridal party right from the start, like a friend who takes care of you and your entourage’s well-being without being invasive. You don’t want a creep who is there while the girls are getting dressed! I want to make sure you get through the day as un-stressed as possible. 3. Skills. I have been doing (and loving) this for many years and I’m proud to say I know my craft. I have mastered working with light even in conditions most photographers struggle. My favorite: A backlit couple the hour before sunset. Equally important are the people skills: I make my couples feel comfortable during the shoot with my instructions. That’s why my couple photos depict real emotions so well. Not only have I got the eye for photography, I am also an editing nerd and love post-processing. Many photographers just apply a filter (such as a Lightroom preset) to all the photos and that’s it. This is why with some photographers, all weddings look somewhat the same. I do think having your signature style is important, but style is more than just applying the same filter. I attend to every photo individually and sometimes eliminate distractions or disturbances. I've been working with Photoshop and Lightroom since I was 13 years old, so I know how to edit and I enjoy it – I often catch myself smiling back at those happy faces while I work on the photos.
  • What does your typical wedding coverage look like?
    I want to tell your story. It usually starts with a breakfast or with the bride getting ready with a few carefully selected friends or family members – I love this calm but anticipatory vibe. Often, some of the bride’s favorite photos are from the morning, for example, how she and her mother are getting ready together, or sometimes there’s a tearjerking love letter from the groom. This is all a super important part of the story already. Also, the morning of, or day before, is my time to photograph details like rings, flowers, jewelry, shoes, all those things that were chosen with so much attention to detail. I am an observer – I won’t interfere too much. You might see me hiding a plastic water bottle under the table to get it out of the frame and create a better shot, but that will be about it. I won’t boss your guests around (unless you ask me to) and I will make sure to catch authentic moments rather than ask someone to pose for the photo. For guest photos, I like to use telephoto lenses so they don’t even realize they are being photographed while they are having a laugh together. I capture emotions; it’s not necessary to stage things. My aim is to produce a holistic and authentic wedding documentary, so I will be there for every moment of it. Some of these are moments you might even miss yourself (like your grandma gossiping with your aunt or your mother crying in the first row) and you will only discover them through the photos. You'll receive visual memories that last forever and that will make you smile, laugh, and cry, over and over again for many years to come. The specific contents of your personal wedding package are determined by your vision and expectations. Let's talk about that! (video coming soon)
  • A couple shoot? We're awkward and don't know how to pose...
    Did you see the beautiful couples in my portfolio? Almost all of my former brides and grooms said they don’t know how to pose, or that they are awkward or not photogenic. And how amazing did the photos turn out?! Don’t worry – it is my job to make you feel (and look) comfortable and glowing during our photoshoot. Couples photography is one of my strongest points and you will see how easy and how much fun it will be for you, trust me. Also, we don’t have to spend ages and keep your guests waiting. I usually do two shoots of 10-15 minutes per wedding. If you’re still worried about how to keep your guests busy, I’ve got some suggestions for you.
  • Will there be photos of all our guests? We don't want to force a large group photo…
    As it is my goal to capture your wedding holistically, I absolutely want to capture all of your guests. In some cultures it is usual, that all the guests congratulate the couple by giving a hug - this is a perfect opportunity for me to stand behind you and capture those happy face looking right at you! When this happens, I am super happy because I know I can provide you with all those authentic guests portraits. Here is an example of what that typically looks like in your wedding gallery Also, if this is not your tradition, be assured: it is my mission all day to capture interactions and emotions. To be honest: I’m not a fan of those large group photos either. It can be strenuous for all the guests to gather, get posed, wait for the latecomers… and then - who hangs them, with those tiny little faces? Wouldn’t you enjoy the authentic photos SO much more? I encourage you to only do the absolute essentials (parents, grandparents) in a posed way. If you have, let’s say, a very demanding aunt who wants 20 different constellations and in each one needs to check if she looks good: consider getting a Photo Booth! That way she has all the control she wants, and I am not stuck with posed shots while I could be capturing what else is happening.
  • We are planning a destination wedding. Will you travel to our destination?
    Yes. There is no limit to how far I’ll go for a wedding. I love travelling. To me, it’s a privilege, not a burden. That’s why I have covered weddings in over 20 countries. I get to photograph totally different landscapes, cultures, and traditions during my weddings and I feel very blessed because of this.
  • Do you also do elopements?
    Yes. I love them. Let’s make plans together and go to the most amazing place. I will hike with you, swim with you, fly with you – I’m all in. Let’s go!
  • How long in advance do we have to book you?
    I can only encourage you to check with me as soon as you know your date. Some weekends get booked two years in advance, some just a few months before the wedding. But you can sometimes get lucky with a short-notice inquiry, especially if it’s not a Saturday or it’s more off-season. Also, I save some weekends for personal recreation, but if you blow my socks off with your wedding concept, I might consider taking your booking anyway.
  • Will we receive an album?
    You first receive your photos digitally. I will provide you with an online gallery; it is the best way to share the big day with your friends and family all over the world. But digital media changes. Remember CDs? Having your wedding photos on a CD would be a pretty big hassle nowadays. USB? My laptop doesn’t have a port for that anymore. The value of a beautiful, high-quality printed album is immense. It is not only a great gift for your parents; it is what your grandchildren will hold in their hands. I love creating premium albums with individual layouts and design elements from your wedding. Those albums are absolutely priceless and will allow you to relive this special day for years to come.
  • What is your pricing?
    If you are looking for the cheapest photographer around, we won't be a fit. I want to tell a holistic story of your day – that’s why I only take full-day or multiple-day coverages with few exceptions.* You can request your quote here. There are three reasons why I don’t provide a general package list: - My bookings are all over the world and every season is different. I work in different parts of the world depending on the time of the year. - The time invested in my editing varies depending upon your preferred style and the agreed upon coverage and photos. - Different cultures and customs mean different kinds of wedding photography. - Just like idea of “the perfect wedding” varies drastically, so do the expectations of what should be included in wedding photography. Some couples prefer a full day of coverage; others book me for three consecutive days. With still others, it will just be the three of us hiking up a mountain. Some weddings are quite small and intimate while on the other end of the spectrum, it is absolutely necessary to bring a bigger team as there may be several hundred guests, and staged separate portraits of all family members and constellations are expected. (read above how I make sure to photograph all your guests). The idea of how big of a role the couple shoot should play also differs quite a bit. Some couples want a two-hour photoshoot and a helicopter flight while some prefer a short walk on the venue’s premises in the afternoon. It doesn’t seem reasonable to me to charge a flat rate or even to offer standardized packages of coverage. Every quote is individual, just like every wedding is unique. I understand it would be easier if there was a package price here. If you’re looking for someone to create priceless memories and you’re still here after reading all this, you should invest the few minutes and tell me about your plans and receive a quote.
  • How does the booking process work?
    It all starts with a message. If I’m still available for your wedding date, we discuss some framework, which is usually a call. When I have all the necessary info, I send you your quote. You will have time to place a deposit so that I can secure your date. After the booking, you receive my primer with all the helpful advice for my couples that I have gathered throughout all the weddings I’ve experienced. Of course, I’m always there for your wedding day updates, questions, and advice via call or email. In the meantime, I usually visit the venue prior to the wedding as it is important for me to know the place and its light. A few days before the big day, you or your planner and I have another call to confirm the details of the schedule.
  • Is there anything we can do to prepare for our wedding photography?
    The best preparation is for me to understand your vision and your aesthetic. And then...don’t worry, don’t stress. I got you. After the booking, you’ll receive my primer. It’s a bridal guide that helps you with advice on planning your day and not making little mistakes that I’ve seen over and over. Some tips are as simple as to take your bouquet out of water at least 15 mins beforehand so as not to have water stains during your walk down the aisle, and some tips are more global. Another benefit of my primer is that it helps me understand what you want. There are some small questionnaires to better understand your priorities or to get an idea of who your closest guests are. If you don’t have every detail of your day figured out yet, I’m happy to help with advice or putting together the schedule. If you have a wedding planner, I’ll happily work with them!
  • Our guests don’t speak English. What languages do you speak?
    I speak English, German, French and Spanish all good enough to interact (and if necessary instruct) your guests. I’m currently learning Italian and Arabic.
  • We’ve still got some questions, are there more answers?
    Plenty! Just let me know what I can help you with. Get in touch.

These are some queries I get a lot. If they don't cover yours,

feel free to ask me your personal questions.



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