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Elope in Style: Tips for Choosing an Elopement Photographer

Get ready for the most amazing day in the great outdoors, with just the two of you as the stars of the show. Elopement weddings are the epitome of intimacy and romance, a chance to say “I do” in your way, on your terms. To ensure your special day will never blur in your memory, you will need an elopement photographer who can weave your love story into captivating images.

Tips to Choose the Right Elopement Wedding Photographer

Here are proven tips to help you find your perfect elopement photographer, one who can capture your essence and transform it into a visual masterpiece.

Define Your Style

Before you begin searching for a professional, take some time to define your style and preferences. Figure out whether you want your elopement photography to have a particular mood, like adventurous and candid, editorial and stylish, or whimsical and romantic! Whether you are drawn to bright and airy shots or moody and dramatic images, understand what is true to yourselves, outside of trends. Understanding this will help you find the right expert whose work aligns with your vision.

Research Your Photographers

Check out their Portfolio

You already found some photographers you love? Check out their previous work, and reviews of their previous clients, paying close attention to their style, creativity, and storytelling abilities. One pitfall to absolutely avoid: some photographers have seemingly flawless portfolios - but the photos were not taken at real weddings. Watch out for instagram feeds full of styled shoots! Manufacturing perfect photos with professional models in the best lighting and with plenty of time does not reflect a photographer's skills in a real wedding. Make sure to look for real wedding photos. And before you book: ask your photographer for access to a full wedding gallery. If they don’t provide a full real gallery (or an excerpt with some real guests at least), it’s probably a red flag.

Communicate and Connect

Arrange a meeting or a video call to discuss your vision and ask questions. Before you tell them everything YOU want, ask them about their style and their way of working. Are they more in the background or very present? Remember, this person will be with you more than anybody else on your wedding day. Also ask them for their plan B, what if it rains, what if their camera has a technical error… The top professionals are well-prepared to handle various challenges, like changing weather and lighting conditions. In addition, they also have backup equipment to ensure that nothing gets in the way of capturing your special moments.

Think About Editing Style

Editing plays an important role in the final look of your images. Therefore, you should make sure you like your photographer’s editing style. If this is not consistent in their portfolio, ask them about their editing style and any special requests you may have. Whether you prefer a more natural, unedited look or a more stylized and artistic approach, the experts should be able to understand your needs and preferences accurately before photographing your big day.

Be Comfortable with your Photographer

Are you comfortable in front of the camera? If not, that’s perfectly fine. That’s what wedding photographers are used to! It’s their job to make you comfortable. And if they can, you will look happy and fabulous without even trying. Make sure you feel at ease with your photographer! Discuss your preferences for posing when choosing your elopement wedding photography experts. Some couples prefer more candid, unposed shots, while others want some guidance and directions towards an editorial style. A skilled and experienced photographer will be adaptable and make you feel at ease.

Consider the Timing

Timing is everything when it comes to outdoor elopements. Discuss the best time of the day for your ceremony to ensure you have the most flattering lighting. Sunrise and sunset often offer soft and golden light that can enhance your images. So, always keep this in mind when planning your session.

Don’t Forget to Have Fun

In the end, trust your instincts. They are often the best guide when making a decision as personal as choosing an elopement photographer. Don’t forget to enjoy the process and have fun on the day. Trust these professionals to capture the magic of the moment. Know that your photography is well taken care of while you focus on celebrating your love and making beautiful memories.

Wrapping Up

Your love story is unique and it deserves to be beautifully documented by a professional who is also a kind presence on your wedding day, and who understands your style and vision perfectly. It will be my honour to help you turn your love story into a visual masterpiece. Browse the portfolio and get in touch! I can’t wait to hear all about it, elopements are my favorite!

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