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USA April 2023

Time for an epic Roadtrip and some incredible content for your portfolio!

Let's coordinate our logistics and meet for this amazing experience. 

You can meet us on your own terms or even go road tripping with us in a camper van. 

Want to be part of this amazing experience?

Hit me up!


Hi! I'm a European wedding & elopement photographer. My brother and I are road tripping through the states. If you are a photographer or a couple, you can either meet us at our epic destinations or you can apply to road trip with us in your own camper van. The vans are on us!



The sessions will be super fun! There is a maximum of 2 couples and 4 photographers per shoot. Ideal times are early mornings and the hour before sunset. Bring shoes to hike in! And if you haven't yet, check my portfolio to see if you like my style.



One of our destinations is Arches National Park in Moab, Utah.

I fell in love with those amazing red rock formations last year.

Message me, if this is you favourite spot!

Image by trail


Let's get married in Vegas! Or at least - let's pretend. It's the perfect destination for big city vibes and a party. Message me, if this is your favourite spot!



Honestly, one of my favourite spots along the way with its unique landscape, rocks, trees and cacti. Let's have a campfire & barbecue after the shoot! Message me, if this is your favourite spot!

Image by Marcel Renz


This beautiful beach strip with its iconic pier is a stunning locations for couple photography. Message me, if this is your favourite spot!


If you can't pick a favourite or have other suggestions (maybe that cool place you want to visit for a long time?) -  message me!

I want to come!

Thanks! I'll be in touch soon :)

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