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Charleston Wedding Brittany & Thomas

Brittany and Thomas got married under majestic old oak trees in the beautiful golden sunlight of a South Carolina evening.​

A flock of sheep added the necessary kiwi feel for the New Zealand groom.


Mansion Wedding
Sabina & Mathias

Good vibes and happy families! 

Sabina and Mathias invited their international guests for their civil ceremony, a beautiful afternoon at the mansion and an epic and wild party.

London City Couple
Maria & Marco

I met Maria and Marco to discuss their future wedding details. Our afternoon coffee turned into a photogenic walk where the couple showed me their first date's spots.


Industrial Sites
Julia & Tim

Julia and Tim chose the urban industrial flair of Bochum's Westpark as a backdrop for their First Look Photo Shoot and their civil ceremony.

Greek Flair
Ariana & Marvin

Ariana and Marvin got married at the beautiful Riviera of Athens. Their loved ones witnessed the traditional greek orthodox ceremony looking onto the sea and the typical small white chapel.


Desert Pre Wedding
Janice & Jake

Janice and Jake's concept of a wedding is quite unique: after not being able to have a big celebration due to Covid, the couple decided to travel - and every country visited would be the backdrop for a wedding shoot, as Janice travels with her dress.

I had the pleasure to be there for the photo shoot in the deserts of Dubai.

Pre Wedding Hike
Joyce & Kingsley

This Gallery is not yet available.



Streets and Dunes
Danica & Milos

This Gallery is not yet available.


Boat Trip in Rio
Daniel & Alex

A breezy afternoon on a sail boat in the surroundings of Rio de Janeiro.


Halloween Wedding
Holly & Andrew

Holly and Andrew celebrated their union on Halloween Eve in the Northumberland, UK.

The couple stayed true to their own unique style and went for a black aesthetic. The barn was decorated meticulously with dark and witchy elements, fitting the wedding's theme and date. 

The Wizard Wedding Rui & Ricardo

Rui & Ricky celebrated their a magical wizard wedding. No detail was left out - we're talking real owls, the Weasley car, floating candles, a ring bearing snitch and so much more.

The surroundings of Coimbra, Portugal were the perfect setup as many locations from the Harry Potter World were inspired by actual places from this region, like the Bibliotheca Joanina.

Enjoy the Hogwarts Wedding inspo and let yourself be enchanted by the level of detail the two grooms managed to pull off. 

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