F. A. Q.

So many wedding photographers... how do we choose the right one?

First of all: compare portfolios. Do you like somebody's style? Don't be fooled by a portfolio full of styled shoots - they are executed with professional models with plenty of time to compose perfect light and scenery - not representative at all. Does the photographer seem experienced? Were they able to capture the distinct vibe of each wedding or do they produce a similar style for each one?

Second: Compare the individual packages and rates that you receive for your own wedding as they can vary strongly from rates described on websites.

Thrid: How is the chemistry between the both of you and the photographer? How easy is the communication? Would you like them to be around you for your important day and do they fit into your wedding party without being a disturbance?

What awaits us if we book you?

You will receive a holistic and authentic wedding documentary from start to finish which you dont have to bend over backwards for. Also, you dont have to watch the clock.

My style is observative and natural. I dont interrupt the flow or vibe of your wedding or disturb your guests by asking them to reenact a moment or pose. You might catch me putting a way a plastic bottle that's in my shot but that will be about it. I can stay in the background while using my telephoto lens to capture close ups of emotions - it's not neccessary to stage things.

My fun level and motivation is at the max. I also care about your wellbeing and make sure you get through the day as un-stressed as possible. My former clients call me a personal enrichment not only for their wedding.

I work with modern, high quality Nikon equipment and I always carry a backup for everything. Lastly, I am a Photoshop nerd and I enjoy the post processing. I'd never fudge that part either.

You'll receive memories that last forever and that will make you smile, laugh and cry, over and over again for many years to come.

Those are the basics but there are many more things I can do for you. The whole extent of your personal wedding package will be determined by your vision and expectations. Let's talk about that!

What distinguishes you from other wedding photographers?

I would like to list three things as an answer. 1.: I'm driven by my own aesthetics and my orge to create something beautiful. To many other wedding photographers weddings are the troublesome way to make money. Not for me. I love everything about it and I consider this job an absolute privilge. The editing rounds off my creative process and lets me hold a result that I myseld have created from start to finish - and that makes people happy. I have the best job in the world. 2.: Being a young woman myself, I blend well into the group from the beginning of the day on. I am like a friend who takes care of your wellbeing while taking photos without being invasive. 3.: Not only have I got the eye for photography, I am also a Photoshop pro. I've been working with this program since I was 13 years old. I know how to retouch without changing major properties and I catch myself smiling while I work on the pictures. I love my job.

Can we get to know you noncommittally?

Of course, I insist. It is also in my own interest to get to know you. If we can't met in person yet we can hold a (video) call. There is also the possibility of meeting for an engagement shoot or producing content for your invitations.

What are your rates?

You've probably looked for rates on many websites unsuccessfully. No two weddings are alike so the rates vary strongly. However I want to give you a rough idea: it's probably not going to be below 2000 $. This is still significantly lower than the US average spending for a wedding photographer.

If you wonder how wedding photography is so expensive, I have the answer here.

I dont want you to worry about hours so I dont charge by the hour. Working for you from 8 in the morning until after midnight is not uncommon. With your help I try to realistically assess the amount of work on which I base my rates for your wedding. I will stick with my offer even if I get to stay an extra hour or two.

We're having a destination wedding. Do we pay for your travel expenses?

Yes and no. I love destination weddings so I try not to increase the rates for them. If possible, I combine my stay for your wedding with a comfortable layover and I am willing to share the costs. Since the dates are fixed a long time in advance, bookings are still low-priced. In addition, some of my family members work for a major airline, which grants me better ticket rates.

Our budget is limited... do you give any discounts?

There are always possibilities to save money and I'm happy to help with advice based on my substantial experience in this business.

As a photographer I strongle advise against cutting down on the photography because the photos stay forever. However, there are circumstances that I consider. Let's talk about that.

What's the booking and payment process like?

It all starts with a message. If I am still available for your wedding date, we discuss some framework via eMail or phone. I would love to meet you in person if possible, visiting the venue together would be even better. However, everything can discussed on the phone too if the distances are too great. The contract can be signed digitally, too.

Is there anything we can do to prepare?

After the booking you will receive a document, the primer. It contains some preparation advice and also a questionnaire which helps me not to miss anything important during your big day.

Can you help us find other vendors or locations?

If you haven't got a wedding planner working for you, I am happy to go through your schedules for the day to give you advice. I can also recommend/advise against other vendors or form an opionon about unknown vendors based on their online appearance. My experience can be some helpful input, however please understand that I can only offer this service after a confirmed booking.

How many hours will you be present during our wedding day?

I dont charge by the hour for two reasons. One: I don't want you to feel like you have to watch the clock. Two: I want to produce a holistic and authentic wedding documentary so I will be there for every moment of it. A typical coverage would start at breakfast or the hairstylist and end with the bouquet toss. It also occurs that I am already present the day/evening before to capture the gathering of the families which often makes for great personal photos.

With your help I try to realistically assess the amount of work on which I base my rates for your wedding. I will stick with my offer even if I get to stay an extra hour or two.

How much time should we schedule for the couple photoshoot?

Time will fly during your big day so time is precious, I understand that. I usually advise to shoot for around 30 Minutes and not be gone for over an hour including the drive/walk. If you worry about how to entertain your guests during that period I've got some anecdotes on what my former couples had planned for them.

Our church doesn't allow photography… What now?

I obviously respect the rules. Just make sure that you got it right. Absolutely nothing? Sometimes it's simply unwanted to look into countless phone cameras (or worse: tablet cameras) instead of faces while one professional photographer is the exception. If not, it might at least be allowed to let me capture the bridal entry or take photos while hiding on the gallery. If it's an absolute no, maybe a First Look is the solution for you, as it was in this wedding. There are more alternatives - don't worry, we'll find a way.

Couple Shoot? We're awkward and don't know how to pose...

That's not a problem at all. Since my style is observatory there is no need for posing most of the day. During the couple photoshoot I'm here to help you with natural posing and instructions as much as you'd like me to. One of the ambitions for the initial interviews is to explore where your comfort zone lies and what your vision for the photos is. Don't worry, it won't be half as bad as you might think!

How many photos do we get? Raw files too?

I take several thousand photos in RAW/NEF format during a wedding. After the editing process you receive high resolution jpg files which can be viewed on any computer. How many there will be exactly depends on the wedding but I have never delivered less than 300 edited photos. Some are edited "only" in color, light and contrast while others are retouched in greater detail: erasing distracting elements in the background, skin retouching or even swapping heads from different photos if there is none of a group with everybody's eyes open. The original RAW files are not provided.

May we share, print and reproduce the photos unrestrictedly?

You will receibe the photos as high res jpg files and you're welcome to print and reproduce as much as you'd like.

When sharing on social media, I ask you to tag my site.

Will you produce an Album for us?

If you want a printed album I will be thrilled to develop a custom layout and design that suits your vision. It can also contan design elements from your invitation or other motives you have used. I work with some really talented manufacturers and I'm confident we can make your vision come to life.

We've still got some questions, are there more answers?

Plenty! Just let me know what I can help you with. Get in touch